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A repeating dream brought Astendana Laskish at the age of 30 to draw her first picture.

During painting she recognized a feeling of freedom while she was made the exact painting she was dreaming of.

After that moment Astendana Laskish spend as much time as she could to paint more pictures besides her fulltimejob and the writing of her first 2 novels.

A comment of her husband made her clear that not only pictures can show the meaning of what the artist want to say.

From that moment she started to combine her paintings with her other passion, lyrics.

This Shop is only for costumers from Germany.

If you are interested in a reproductionprint and you came from another country, please use the Zazzle-Shop (just klick here).

If you are interested in an original painting, please contact us: info@haubo-media.de

Don’t forget to tell us where are you from and which painting you are interested in.

The following original paintings are available: